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Summiteers Print v4

Board Games
January 6, 2017

The latest prototype for Summiteers has arrived–hooray for progress! It's been over 6 months since our last print. We've refined a lot in that time: the artwork is still a work in progress, but the gameplay is complete (we hope!). 

This is our first full-blown attempt at designing a board game and we are eager to see things all the way through to production. Up next we will be doing more testing, including appearances at Protospiel PDX and UNPUB Mini Portland 2. We plan to take feedback into account and do one final prototype print before preparing for a Kickstarter campaign this summer.

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Deep Sea Adventure

Board Games
June 15, 2016

While visiting Japan last April, I made it a priority to bring back a few Japanese board games. Luggage space and not being able to read Kanji severely limited my selection, but one day I discovered the tiny blue iconic box of Deep Sea Adventure. It was the perfect game to discover on that trip. 

Deep Sea is a light filler game where players dive into the ocean and collect treasure. Gameplay is simple: players roll dice to move and only make a few decisions during the game. The kicker is the game ends once players have collectively used up all of the oxygen in the submarine. This leads to a fun push your luck concept where players must inform their strategy based on the play of the other players. Discovering this game lead to a flurry of inspiring design ideas to our upcoming mountain climbing game: Summiteers.

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